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Company: Supply Chain Council

Supply Chain Council (SCC) is a global nonprofit organization whose framework, improvement methodology, training, certification and benchmarking tools help member organizations make dramatic, rapid, and sustainable improvements in supply chain performance. The Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR®) is the world standard for supply chain management, a model that provides a unique framework for defining and linking performance metrics, processes, best practices, and people into a unified structure.

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Is your organization suffering from supply chain knowledge and skillset gaps? Here are five strategies to get back on track.

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Top supply chain managers have joined the C-level of most companies and earned a place at the table with the chief executive officer, chief operations officer, and chief financial officer. (February 12, 2015)

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Is your organization suffering from supply chain knowledge and skillset gaps? Here are five strategies to get back on track. (February 11, 2015)

Boeing's defense business, like competitors such as Lockheed Martin Corp., General Dynamics Corp. and Raytheon Co., has been under pressure to cut costs as U.S. defense spending has fallen in recent years due to budget cutting. (August 12, 2014)

Best Practices
Mapping supply chains often reveals issues that affect the total landed cost of a product, although it may not be immediately apparent without thorough questioning. (May 07, 2014)

Both APICS and SCC believe that this combination creates a global leader in supply chain solutions, poised to benefit members, customers, partners and employees in several ways. (April 29, 2014)

To meet the challenges ahead, it’s vital that we keep up on supply chain trends. We must read, watch and listen to what other professionals are saying and doing. Logistics and supply chain management are becoming core competencies in progressive, successful companies, both public and private, around the globe. (October 08, 2013)

The skill sets required to manage global supply chains today are not the same as they were 20, or even 10 years ago. And they will be different from the ones required in the future. It’s almost impossible to precisely predict what leadership capabilities will be needed going forward. The best course of action: Be agile and ready to respond to whatever happens. (April 15, 2013)

(August 30, 2010)

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