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Company: Sourcemap

Sourcemap is easily the most flexible and intuitive supply chain visualization solution. Map the end-to-end supply chain automatically from your purchasing data. Link sites from raw materials to end customers. Search and organize by metrics and tags and instantly generate reports. Identify the weakest link in your supply chain through an automated Value-at-Risk assessment using inventory mapping and time-to-replace critical nodes and links. Receive automated alerts on disruptions affecting your suppliers. Measure your supply chain against risk probability heat maps.

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As Executive Director of MIT’s Supply Chain Management Program, Bruce Arntzen works with corporations to find innovative solutions to supply chain problems. (February 09, 2015)

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Introduction to supply chain mapping ... People have been mapping supply chains as long as they’ve been making maps (see the example above, from the 19 th Century).
Supply Chain Conference 2017 at Boston focusing on innovation & research in Supply chain, procurement & analytics. Join us at Bristlecone pulse 2017, at MIT
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A white paper describing how blockchain technology can enable secure traceability of certifications and other product supply chain information.
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