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Slope is designed to adapt to the needs of modern clinical research. Changing supply requirements for a site, patient and visit are no problem. We can midstream a trial and organize existing trials. Did we mention we can handle change? Sites don’t have to worry about finding storage space for bulk supplies. We ship supply kits just in time before the patient visit, saving time and money. Fully managed service handles all the logistics, allowing researchers to focus on the science.

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Dynamo Logistics Accelerator Welcomes 10 ‘Disruptive’ Startups
New logistics accelerator Dynamo has brought 10 startups to Chattanooga for its inaugural cohort, which includes international and domestic founders.

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Slope - Supply Chain 24/7 Company
Inventory management is primarily about specifying the shape and percentage of stocked goods. It is required at different locations within a facility or within many locations of a supply network to precede the regular and planned course of production and stock of materials.
Development of Unstable Slope Management Program for ...
The objective of this project is to provide guidance for managing slopes by developing and implementing an asset management-based unstable slope management program (USMP) for Federal Land Management Agencies, tribal agencies, other state and local agencies with similar assets and infrastructure assessment needs.
Incorporating Geotechnical Assets into Transportation ...
Incorporating Geotechnical Assets into Transportation Asset Management . 1 ... Sign Inventory Asset Management Programs Under Way at AKDOT&PF 8 . Asset Management Process 9 ... Unstable Slope Management Program ...
Transportation Asset Inventory
Transportation Asset Inventory Marsha K. Mays, P.E. ... • Procurement System • Human Resources • Payroll • Transportation Management System What is ERP? Phased Implementation . E R P S u it e A A S H T O S it e M a n a g e r T M o r P R S A A S H T O ... Slope Remediation Storm Drain Outfalls 23. Truck Escape Ramps 24. Utilities in ROW
The Development and Application of The Slope Management System
The Slope Management System was developed to be a multi -purpose management system for hazard frequent roadway slope mitigations. Life cycle maintenance information such as basic inventory, h azard record, and
Unstable Slope Management Program for Federal Land ...
Unstable Slope Management Program for Federal Land Management Agencies, Phase 2 Started: October, ... any slope failure along a transportation corridor is a problem for the agency responsible for providing and maintaining safe movement of people and goods along our roadways and recreators along our trails with limited budgets.
Inventory Management And Control Transportation And ...
This is a inventory management and control transportation and logistics ppt slides. This is a nine stage process. The stages in this process are product and optimization, change management, inventory management end control, supply chain effectiveness, human capital organization, Transportation And Logistics, Workforce Engagement, Manufacturing ...
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