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San Francisco, California, 94103
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SKUPOS is creating a hub where c-stores, distributors, and CPG brands all benefit from applications built on top of transaction data. The software syncs with a retailer’s existing POS systems producing automated orders for all of their distributors. This front office suite enables more efficient ordering allowing owners to spend more time with customers. Brands and distributors serving c-stores can access scan data providing market intelligence, one-push campaign for increased sales, and reduced out of stocks.

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Data analytics for the convenience store industry. Skupos is the leader in driving business outcomes from business data. We record billions of transactions every year for forward-thinking stores, brands, and distribution partners around the country.
SKUPOS - Supply Chain 24/7 Company
Inventory management is backbone of many businesses, and the advent of cloud-based inventory management software is providing more benefits than ever before SKUMOB – Cloud Inventory Management skumob is the only ‘mobile first’ inventory management platform on the market.
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SKUPOS brings inventory ordering and store management under the same software roof with automated ordering, up-to-the-minute reports for inventory, and sales data that helps store operators understand what sells and what doesn’t.
SKUPOS Reviews and Pricing - 2018 - Capterra
SKUPOS is a platform that streamlines ordering and operations for the convenience retail industry, and offers features for sales analytics and insights. We also activate our C-Store clients for Scan Data reporting in order to earn incentives from leading manufacturers.
SKUPOS Inc.: Private Company Information - Bloomberg
SKUPOS Inc. develops tools for retailers, distributors, and brands to ensure processes are seamless from end-to-end. It enables convenience stores, distributors, and brands to monitor real-time ...
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With cloud-based inventory management, up-to-date reports help you make better decisions about the future of your products. Not only are you able to predict proper stock levels, but you can also identify the best times to switch up your products, redevelop your marketing strategies and introduce new services.
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Moving Inventory Management to the Plex Cloud is a Win for Wisco. Since going live with Plex, Wisco Industries has realized a 20% overall reduction in inventory.
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