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Company: Scientific Logistics

Scientific Logistics helps companies improve financial performance by utilizing our Power Optimation™ (PowerOpt) technology to reduce multi-stop and full truckload transportation costs. PowerOpt is a cloud-based, next generation optimization engine built on large-scale parallel computing power providing breakthrough performance in route planning.

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Three key ingredients are necessary to execute this methodology successfully – knowledgeable people, accurate data and analytical tools. These ingredients are intertwined throughout the 10 step methodology discussed in this paper.

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Pacific Scientific is worldwide, a 76-year-old technology driven company with 40 years experence in the 40 years experience in the motor and drive industry. They ...
St. Onge has completed thousands of supply chain optimization projects for hundreds of clients in multiple countries. | Engineering logistics and consulting.
(Ports and) Logistics sector February 2012 . An examination of the Ports and Logistic sector’s health and safety standards is not a straightforward task.
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Scientific management is a theory of management that analyzes and synthesizes workflows. Its main objective is improving economic efficiency, especially labor ...
[Return to SCM Dictionary] A.S.T.M. American Society for Testing and Materials. A.T.A. American Trucking Association. A/P. See Accounts Payable. A/R. See Accounts ...
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Cold Chain Gains Traction in Emerging Markets The recent Global Cold Chain Alliance report shows that temperature-controlled warehouse space has experienced steady ...
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