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Company: Roambee

The Roambee Corporation is a Silicon Valley company transforming enterprise logistics and asset management outside the four walls of global enterprise. Founded in 2013, Roambee is the first Internet of Things smart logistics and asset management company that delivers on-demand real-time visibility, tracking, and condition monitoring for goods and assets in-transit and in-field.

The company uses proprietary sensor, software, and cloud technology to deliver, report, and analyze data worldwide. With Roambee, customers gain greater control over their goods and assets, increased business efficiencies, and improved mitigation of risk. Roambee is backed by Deutsche Telekom and other Silicon Valley investors.

Roambee in the News

Roambee joins forces with T-Systems to lead the global smart logistics and asset monitoring market, together, employing an “on-demand” pay-per-use business model, the two companies are delivering an end-to-end solution featuring real time visibility, tracking, and condition monitoring of shipments and assets both in-transit and in-field. (January 13, 2017)

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