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60 S. Market Street, Floor 10
San Jose, California, 95113
(408) 884.2162
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The first technology platform to bring e-commerce style shopper analytics to brick-and-mortar stores and malls, RetailNext is the pioneer focusing entirely on optimizing the in-store shopping experience. Through its hardware-agnostic SaaS platform, RetailNext enables retailers to collect and correlate data from the broadest available set of data sources, and delivers retailers, malls and brands deep, actionable insights into shoppers and their behaviors as they navigate through their multichannel shopping journeys. More than 250 retailers and brands worldwide have adopted RetailNext solutions to glean the insights necessary to improve customer experience, increase same-store sales, and eliminate unnecessary costs.


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Companies need to understand shoppers across all touchpoints, and must embrace all digital capabilities to harness the customer data that is…


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