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Quiet Logistics is the eCommerce fulfillment provider of choice for leading brands and e-tailers. Quiet combines best-in-class technology with a deep understanding of brand care to deliver a precise and highly personalized customer experience for its clients. In addition to traditional third-party fulfillment, Quiet offers Managed Services, an “in-sourced” approach to eCommerce operations that leverages Quiet’s technology, processes, and management in client-owned DCs.

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Using Third-Party Logistics Providers to Chase Amazon’s Ecommerce Fulfillment Proficiency
Retailers are looking to compete with Amazon through third-party logistics providers who can tackle the e-fulfillment challenges with service and market specialization as well as making strategic investments in flexible automation.
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A high-profile, fast-growing e-tailer, Gilt Groupe has built a business around a new and unique e-retail model: the flash sale.
Gilt’s New Distribution Center Delivers the Perfect Order
While speed is important, Gilt’s new distribution center system was also designed to deliver the perfect order, fast.

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In the near future, robots will deliver groceries, help take care of us in our homes, and assist in disaster recovery. We are pioneering legged robot technologies to solve the mobility challenges and enable this future.
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Steve Banker Contributor. I cover logistics and supply chain management. full bio → Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.
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