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Company: POOL4TOOL America

POOL4TOOL America LLC, founded in 2009, is a subsidiary of POOL4TOOL AG. Headquartered in Farmington Hills, MI, we are an innovative leader in the field of eSolutions for optimizing sourcing. As an entrepreneurial company, we have been following our long-term, strategic goals with a core team since the company was founded in 2000. Our flat hierarchical structure and short decision pathways keep us flexible and dynamic.

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In today’s complex world, the responsibilities of procurement and purchasing have never been higher. Developing a competitive advantage in this critical business area can drive cost savings, free up time, and ensure that suppliers are giving their all for your company.

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A fire that destroyed a Tesla electric car near Seattle began in the vehicle's battery pack, officials said Wednesday, creating challenges for firefighters who tried to put out the flames. (October 03, 2013)

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In the company’s zeal to design, test and produce cars faster than any auto company in history, Peter Carlsson, Tesla's Supply Chain Vice President, is helping Tesla imbue the same entrepreneurial and innovative spirit in its supply chain as it does in its groundbreaking vehicle design and performance. (August 13, 2013)

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Supply chain is in constant flux. It twists and turns and evolves seemingly on a daily basis. To keep up with that movement takes thought, vision and action.
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