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Company: Pflow

Since 1977 Pflow has been devoted to the design and manufacture of safe, vertical material handling equipment. Instrumental in creating the vertical conveyor market, Pflow has led the industry from the start. Nobody knows vertical lifting better than Pflow. And now with more than 15,000 world-wide installations, we are far and away the market leader and innovator. From simple, two-level vertical lifts to multi-level, multi-directional automated lifting systems, nobody can match Pflow’s level of experience, engineering know-how and customer support.

Pflow in the News

The lift provides Rochester Drug Cooperative a safe and reliable means to keep its mezzanine supplied with reusable totes. (October 13, 2016)

Vertical reciprocating conveyors elevate processes and product quality. (October 02, 2015)

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In its new Ohio distribution center, sports apparel distributor Fanatics has created a state-of-the-art e-fulfillment center. (January 01, 2014)

Fanatics distribution center was built to minimize storage and maximize picking across more than 500,000 SKUs. (January 01, 2014)

Paired with mezzanine, lift creates 9,600 square feet of storage within existing building. (October 02, 2013)

Custom lift provides safer ride, more controlled vertical movement of satellites at Boeing manufacturing facility. (October 02, 2012)

Pflow on the Web

PFlow is solely devoted to the design and manufacturer of vertical reciprocating conveyors (VRCs). Hydraulic lifts, vertical lifts, mechanical lifts, + more
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