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The principal business of the PMA is to negotiate and administer maritime labor agreements with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU). This includes a coast-wide contract covering roughly 13,600 longshore, clerk and foreman workers at 29 ports along the West Coast, from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest. These ports drive nearly half of all maritime trade in the United States, including more than 70 percent of all imports from Asia. We work on behalf of 72 member companies who are among the world’s leading shipping lines and terminal operators.


Economic Impact and Competitiveness of the West Coast Ports and Factors that Could Threaten Growth
As demonstrated in this white paper, the West Coast ports are a critical economic engine for the U.S. economy.


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Top 20 U.S. Ports: Competition Heats-Up for Discretionary Cargo
At this time last year, West Coast port congestion was a speculative concern and now that shippers have seen the worst case scenario unfold, many analysts feel that Gulf and East Coast ports are ready to pull in more vessel calls at peak season this year - Is a “battle royale” waiting for the bell?
West Coast Port Shut Downs: What’s the Impact?
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How the West Coast Ports Chaos WILL Impact Your Supply Chain
2002 hypothetical question: “What would happen if the west coast ports shut down, and you were not able to get products delivered in a timely…
Port Workers Strike While the Economy is Hot
“Workers tend to strike more frequently when the economy’s doing better and less frequently when the economy’s not doing well,” says…
West Coast Ports to Shut Down for Next Four Days
The loading and unloading of cargo freighters will be suspended, as operations were last weekend, on Thursday and again on Saturday, Sunday and…
What’s The Next Move for The West Coast Ports?
At this point agreeing to disagree ostensibly is the closest thing to progress at this point, and shippers are upset and considering permanent…

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Management association whose principal business is to negotiate and administer maritime labor agreements with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU).
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