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Company: OTTO Motors

OTTO Motors, a division of Clearpath, provides self-driving vehicles designed exclusively for indoor material transport. The vehicles operate with infrastructure-free navigation, offering intelligent, safe, efficient, and reliable transportation for industrial centers. Proprietary hardware, software, and services are delivered to provide customer excellence.

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This ebook describes in detail why material entry into the manufacturing supply chain is as critical as its departure, it explains how the material transport of goods becomes precise and predictable, enabling an optimized and efficient First Mile, from raw materials entry into the network, to their exit onto a delivery truck.

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Supplier to the automotive industry automates a dull task to improve productivity and product quality. (October 10, 2017)

Self-driving mobile robots improve cycle times and reduce floor space at GE Healthcare’s new repair operations center in Wisconsin. General Electric operations center layout, General Electric Healthcare… (June 08, 2017)

GE Healthcare implemented self-driving vehicles to deliver repair parts and equipment in its new facility. (June 08, 2017)

Traditionally, warehouse automation has been about bringing optimal efficiency to specific processes in warehouses. Learn why new technologies like mobile robots and AR glasses promise breakthroughs in… (June 08, 2017)

Mobile robotics supplier OTTO Motors (Booth S4846) is highlighting the ease with which simplified configurations of their OTTO 1500 and OTTO 100 self-driving vehicles can be implemented within a warehousing,… (April 04, 2017)

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Mississippi will use the OTTO 1500 self-driving vehicle for tire delivery in its assembly plant. (February 16, 2017)

Canadian robotics manufacturer releases new warehouse robot with GE Ventures as strategic investor and GE as first customer. (October 02, 2015)

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Meet OTTO, a self-driving vehicle designed to automate material transport and take your intralogistics to the next level: Industry 4.0.
Otto Motors is showing its self-driving vehicles at IMTS 2016 in booth NC-660 designed for the materials handling industry, with what seems like potential ...
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