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Company: Matternet

We are creating the next paradigm for transportation using a network of unmanned aerial vehicles.

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This paper provides information on drones, including drone technology and design, the potential uses for drones in various markets and industries, ongoing federal efforts to regulate drones, and how unmanned aircraft could change the way we live and work.

Matternet in the News

New strategic future initiative adVANce and Vision Van: Mercedes-Benz Vans is presenting the van of the future, and it's intelligent, interconnected, electric, and uses drones for delivery. (September 09, 2016)

Mercedes-Benz invests in Matternet to integrate vans and drones to change how people receive lightweight goods on demand; Matternet unveils its second generation drone. (September 08, 2016)

For Amazon, which seems determined to lead the field in drone delivery, the answer might come from a recently approved patent: docking stations for drones, installed on existing streetlights and various towers. (July 21, 2016)

The three companies are investigating specific uses of drone technology and examining the cost-effectiveness of these business ideas for the commercial use of logistics drones. (July 14, 2015)

Jeff Bezos says we're four or five years from drones being able to deliver small packages right to your house, largely because the company has to work with the FAA to make sure it's legally allowed to run the Prime Air program. (November 30, 2013)

"I believe we’re witnessing the birth of a new transportation mode, one that will take many years to develop and mature (but will probably happen sooner than we think)." (August 26, 2013)

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While tech giants like Amazon and Google experiment with drone delivery, Matternet has already released technology that can do it now.
Matternet’s M2 drone (above) has been used to deliver biological samples between two hospitals in the town of Lugano, Switzerland. (Photo copyrights: Matternet ...
Drones currently perform poorly on the economic aspects of last-mile delivery. But there are better use cases to prove their utility.
Drones and quadcopters have revolutionised flight. They help humans to take to the air in new, profound ways. Today’s drones and quadcopters come with mind-blowing ...
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There is no doubt that drones provide fantastic opportunities for businesses and recreation but what else are they being used for?
Urban connectivity, autonomous transportation, space sharing, AR/VR, entrepreneurship in architecture, new material, and sustainability will trend in 2017.
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