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Brought to you by the creators of the world’s first civilian RocketBelt, as flown at the Los Angeles Olympic Games opening ceremony and in countless films and shows – JetPack Aviation has developed the world’s only true JetPack. Powered by two state of the art turbine jet engines that have been specially adapted to our requirements after many years of development and testing, the JB-9 is the smallest and lightest JetPack ever created. It is certainly the only JetPack ever built that can be carried on the pilot’s back with relative ease – even when fully fueled.

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Personal Air Transportation Becomes Reality
Science Fiction became science fact in New York today when for the first time in history, an aviator flew by jetpack in a controlled and sustained flight around Statue of Liberty.

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Airline Pilot Guy – Aviation Podcast
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Gilligan flew one on the island. So did James Bond, fleeing from some baddies. So did Professor John Robinson, while he was lost in space. First thought up by sf writers back in the 1920s and turned into reality in the mid–1960s, the jet pack was the latest in a long line of personal flying devices that included flying shoes, wearable rockets, and a flying platform.
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