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2550 Bates Road, Suite 101
Montreal, Quebec, H3S 1A7
855.342.9001, 514.342.9000
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Freightopolis is an online platform that instantly brings together companies who need to ship freight with carriers who need freight to fill their trucks, all with the click of a button. Customers instantly receive live, competitive quotes from hundreds of qualified reliable carriers. Freight rates, truck availability and transit times are received directly from carriers’ databases meaning customers get accurate and current information.

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A Better Way to Ship Truckload & LTL Freight with Freightopolis
Quote it, book it, ship it, track it, it’s that easy. FREIGHTOPOLIS® provides an online platform where businesses can get real time freight quotes direct from truckload (TL) and LTL freight shipping companies, and book their freight.

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