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The Food Chain Workers Alliance believes in a truly sustainable food system, one that can provide healthy and locally made food, and that has the potential to lift up communities, workers, and our shared environment. A food system that is democratically controlled by communities would produce food that everyone needs to lead productive lives. To encourage a vibrant and sustainable local economy, food enterprises should be cooperatively owned. Taken together, this would lead to jobs that have dignity, livable wages, and meaning for workers, and would create a food system that works for all.


Walmart at the Crossroads
The Environmental and Labor Impact of Its Food Supply Chain.


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New Report Examines Wal-Mart Food Supply Chain
Walmart’s influence on both suppliers and distributors in the food chain gives it incredible power in the global food system and while Walmart and its suppliers have routinely violated its code of ethics, recently the company has demonstrated some willingness to improve its supply chain standards.

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