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The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) was established within the Department of Transportation on January 1, 2000, pursuant to the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act of 1999 (49 U.S.C. 113). Formerly a part of the Federal Highway Administration, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s primary mission is to prevent commercial motor vehicle-related fatalities and injuries.

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Customers, carriers and drivers play a major role in ensuring hazmat shipments are transported safely and compliantly. (November 13, 2017)

While the Trump administration works to water down some trucking regulations, states are more aggressive than ever in their pursuit of more revenue. (October 31, 2017)

A late push for a legislative delay for implementing the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate for motor carriers, which is set to take effect on December 18, was turned down by the United States House… (September 07, 2017)

While the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) electronic logging device mandate deadline remains intact for December 18, it comes with a caveat based on an announcement issued by the… (August 30, 2017)

Like the summer weather in many parts of the country, the current state of the truckload contract and spots market remains in a good spot. That’s the word from DAT Solutions, a subsidiary of Roper Industries,… (August 17, 2017)

With the Dec. 18 deadline for mandatory electronic logging devices (ELDs) quickly approaching, there is concern that a majority of the 3.5 million affected trucks have yet to procure or install the required… (August 11, 2017)

In recent days, there have been movements, both pro and con, relating to the December implementation of Electronic Logging Devices (ELD). (July 28, 2017)

Following a call by the House Appropriation’s Subcommittee on Transportation, Housing & Urban Development and Related Agencies issuing a report that directs the FMCSA to consider delaying the implementation… (July 26, 2017)

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U.S. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 1200 NEW JERSEY AVENUE, SE. WASHINGTON, DC 20590. 855-368-4200
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Office of Communications strives to provide accurate and timely information to the media and public. This section ...
Crash Preventability Demonstration Program. FMCSA is now accepting requests to review the preventability of eligible crashes.
You are accessing a U.S. Government information system. This information system, including all related equipment, networks, and network devices, is provided for U.S ...
Instructions for Completing the Combined Motor Carrier Identification Report and HM Permit Application (MCS-150B) Topic. Page I. Federal Motor Carrier Safety ...
Notice: FMCSA is transitioning all login processes to a Single Sign-On through the FMCSA Portal. All users who need to login to the ...
I think I need to register with the FMCSA to get a NEW USDOT number, Operating Authority (MC/FF/MX number), or CT number (Cargo Tank Facility). (If you don't have ...
FMCSA Home | DOT Home | Feedback | Privacy Policy | | Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) | Accessibility | OIG Hotline | Web Policies and Important Links ...
Trucker Docs answers FAQ about FMCSA regulations and DOT physical requirements to get your CDL medical card.
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