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Elementum SCM
650 Castro St. Suite 100
Mountain View, California, 94041
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Elementum makes supply chain simple. By bringing together the latest in big data, cloud, and mobile technologies, Elementum delivers accurate and real-time supply chain information, optimized for today’s mobile workforce. Incubated by leading supply chain company Flextronics, Elementum enables a single world-wide repository of supply chain data, eliminating millions of dollars in license and service costs that OEMs must spend to integrate all of their supply chain partners.

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Harnessing Complexity: James Rowan, COO of Dyson
How Dyson uses Elementum to get a "first mover advantage" against competitors and an "unfair share" of resources in a constrained market.
Bringing the World’s Supply Chain Data into the Palm of Your Hand
Elementum provides companies with a service that makes it easier to access supply chain data (shipping information, parts, costs, risks, etc.)…

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