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Company: Directworks

Global manufacturers strive to select the right suppliers for the direct materials that they use to build their products.  We provide manufacturers with a powerful solution to engage suppliers, securely share and collaborate on product design documents, more efficiently gather and analyze quotes, and quickly assess the key factors required to make the best cost-for-value sourcing decisions.

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Procurement leaders attending the CPO Roundtable noted they need continued transformation, short time to value, educated and trained employees, and competitive advantage delivered in their corporations' balance sheets and income statements.

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Companies that succeed over the long term tend to focus on both “performance” and “health,” with heavy emphasis on upfront training in new tools, processes, and approaches so they can build up a cadre of experienced managers who can sustain this effort far into the future. (October 21, 2013)

At many companies, there is a divide between procurement and supply chain operations that robs the organization of vital efficiencies. Companies that have recognized that gap and worked hard to close it now see sizeable financial benefits along with qualitative wins such as supplier-integrated contracts and streamlined processes. (September 25, 2013)

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Experts point to certain key traits of procurement excellence, including an overall strategic orientation, alignment with business objectives, a risk management role, and an ability to collaborate both internally and externally. Here are some insights on developing these capabilities. (September 25, 2013)

Best Practices
Is the inbound direct materials supply chain getting the attention it deserves? How can these crippling parts shortages occur? Why is there not greater visibility into this segment of the supply chain? (September 22, 2013)

Best Practices
The key question that supply chain professionals are asking these days is, What can we do to maximize the ROI from our technology investment? This article provides some practical answers from the experts. It also presents the results of a survey detailing how well practitioners are actually doing in getting the most from their investment. (June 11, 2013)

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