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120 Randall Drive
Waterloo, Ontario, N2V 1C6
1 (800) 419-8495, 1 (519) 746-8110, 1 (519) 747-0082
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Descartes is the global leader in providing on-demand, software-as-a-service solutions focused on improving the productivity, performance and security of logistics-intensive businesses. Descartes’ B2B network, the Global Logistics Network, integrates more than 35,000 trading partners to our cloud-based Logistics Technology Platform to unite their businesses in commerce.


Why Freight Visibility is Important, Measuring Total Costs, & Visibility for Shippers
These 3 white papers discuss why freight visibility is important, measuring the total costs of visibility for third-party logistics providers…


Best Practices for Optimizing Last Mile Pick up & Delivery Operations
This white paper provides an overview of the Top 10 best practices for establishing, managing and measuring effective last mile P&D delivery…

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Descartes Acquires MacroPoint
The acquisition of MacroPoint expands Descartes global logistics network connections to over 2 million trucking assets.
Logistics managers gain new insight on U.S. ports thanks to Descartes Datamyne
Last-Mile Delivery from “Wow” to “Required”
This differentiation, this “wow” lasts for a period of time, but eventually becomes a minimum expectation for the consumer and is later described…
Descartes Acquires Trade Data Provider Datamyne
Datamyne and its South American affiliates, Mercosur Online, Urunet and Datamyne do Brasil, have been acquired by Descartes Systems Group, the…
Descartes acquires Oz Development

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