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Company: Daintree Networks

Daintree Networks is simplifying the way building owners and operators intelligently manage, monitor, and optimize their energy use. Daintree provides the industry’s smartest solution with intelligent software and advanced wireless control that deliver dramatic energy savings of over 70%, numerous operational efficiencies and occupant-friendly work environments — all while providing actionable decision-support information through Big Data analytics. With over tens of millions of square feet of space coverage, Daintree solutions are widely used by organizations across various industries for energy management in Industrial (Warehouse) buildings, Offices, Box Retail, Schools, Universities, Sports Complexes, Convention Centers, and many others.

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About $200B is spent globally on lighting energy each year, around half of which comes from commercial buildings. Luckily today’s technology can make a difference with true system-level control over lighting.

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Daintree offers the leading open wireless controls solution which delivers dramatic energy savings and operational efficiency improvements in a simpler, more cost ...
Jolimont Ventures, an Australian-owned Private Equity Fund Manager, Melbourne, Australia
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For professionals who design, construct, manage and maintain buildings.
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Loss-Free Output Ripple Filter. Presented By Würth Elektronik. Switching controllers exhibit a residual ripple in their output, which disturbs downstream assemblies ...
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