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4747 Channel Ave.
Portland, Oregon, 97217
(503) 745-8000, (503) 745-8921
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Daimler Trucks North America LLC, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is the leading heavy-duty truck manufacturer in North America. Daimler Trucks North America produces and markets commercial vehicles under the Freightliner, Western Star and Thomas Built Buses nameplates. Daimler Trucks North America is a Daimler company, the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer.


Improving the Fuel Efficiency of American Trucks
Bolstering energy security, cutting carbon pollution, saving money and supporting manufacturing innovation.


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Walmart, J.B. Hunt, Loblaws, Meijer, Onboard with Preorders for Tesla’s Electric Semi Trucks
Despite there being no official pricing information available to date, Walmart, J.B. Hunt Transport Services, retailer Meijer Inc, and Canadian grocery giant Loblaws have all placed orders for Tesla’s new heavy-duty all electric transport semi-trucks.
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Daimler’s Self-Driving Truck Tested on Real Roads
In Germany Daimler Trucks ran a real-world test of what it says is the first series-production truck to operate on an automated basis on the…
Daimler Says Nevada License To Help Self-Drive Trucks Gain Traction
Auto-Maker Daimler introduced an autonomous truck on Tuesday night - the company says a driver must be present, but that driver has the option…
Daimler Trucks North America Continues Its Commitment to Innovation with SuperTruck
Daimler said the project, developed in partnership with engine maker Detroit Diesel and others, exceeded the company's expectations, achieving…

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The new Fuso eCanter. | Daimler > Products > Trucks > FUSO
The new eCanter uses a permanent synchronous electric motor with an impressive output of 185 kW and torque of 380 Nm. Power is transferred to the rear axle by a standard single-speed transmission.
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Daimler say self-driving trucks are just TWO years away ...
Self-driving trucks are just TWO years away says Daimler as it is set to get go-ahead for trials on German roads within months. Freightliner unveiled new 'Inspiration Truck' at Hoover Dam event
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