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Quantronix, Inc.
380 South 200 West, PO Box 929
Farmington, Utah, 84025
(800) 488-2823,
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CubiScan® by Quantronix offers the broadest range of dimension scanning equipment available including portable static, large static, and in-line configurations. CubiScan systems will dimension and weigh freight in warehousing and transportation applications where dimensional and weight data is used in storage space planning, warehouse slotting, order picking, carton selection, order packing, and freight manifesting by volume. Quantronix also offers a broad range of software integration solutions that will pass cube and weight data to an existing WMS, Transportation, or Manifesting System.


Dimensioning for Profit
The successful use of cubing equipment is highly dependent on a full understanding of what you are getting and the limitations associated with…


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Hello Jiří, Thanks for your post. As Martin has advised the package dimensions are for the individual unit including any product packaging. It would not include the large box in which all units are shipped.
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