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Company: Chetna Organic

Chetna is a supply chain initiative in organic cotton that works towards improving livelihood of farmers through encouraging collective marketing of organic produce and moving up the value chain via collaboration with value chain constituents, who are also sensitised towards forming a fair and sustainable business relationship with the farmers.Chetna Organic Agriculture Producer Company Ltd (COAPCL) is the marketing arm of the Chetna program. A completely farmer owned commodity trading company, COAPCL works towards providing a fair business alternative by providing best possible market prices and transparent business practices to Chetna farmers.

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Demand for cotton increases every year but the price tag for its production is rarely seen in the shops, the damaging consequences of growing cotton are felt in the fields, by the farmers and families that produce it.

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This Swedish company is showing that ethical supply chains and commercial viability can go hand in hand even in the fast paced fashion world. (September 11, 2016)

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