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Redwood City, California, 94063
(650) 285-6307
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Carbon is reinventing how products are designed, engineered, made & delivered. Carbon’s SpeedCell™ is a system of connected manufacturing unit operations that enables repeatable production of end-use parts with industrial grade materials and exceptional surface finish. Whether you’re making one or a million.

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adidas Adding Innovative Game-Changing 3D Printing Technology to Its Supply Chain
Through adidas’s obsession with helping athletes make a difference, the brand unveils Futurecraft 4D, the world’s first high performance footwear featuring midsoles crafted with light and oxygen using digital light synthesis, a technology pioneered by Carbon.

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Carbon fibre and robotics are leading fourth industrial ...
Carbon fibre is architecture's biggest untapped resource said Achim Menges, who claims that robots could build stadium roofs using the material
Carbon Fiber for use in Industrial Automation and Robotics
Using Carbon Fiber in Industrial Automation and Robotics. DragonPlate works with companies in the consumer products, semiconductor, beverage, injection molding, aerospace, and automotive industries, as well as many others that utilize robotics in their manufacturing or inspection processes.
Carbon Robotics | Kick Ass Trainable Intelligent Arm
We've built a Kick Ass Trainable Intelligent Arm (KATIA) that is hackable, trainable, and very much kick ass.
Carbon Robotics | Crunchbase
Carbon Robotics is bringing advanced robotics to the masses.
Carbon Fiber Robotic Arms - BAC Technologies
We manufacture our carbon fiber robotic arms in-house from the raw carbon fiber to the finished assembly. Our joint design is a unique/proprietary combination of geometry, material selection and manufacturing process methods.
Press - Carbon Robotics
The latest news and press coverage for Carbon Robotics, building a Kick Ass Trainable Intelligent Arm.
Robotics Carbon-roof, BMW, Germany Case study: Grinding
Carbon-roof, BMW, Germany Case study: Grinding Robotics Trimming of structural elements from high ... materials typically require completely different manufacturing
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