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Company: BNL Finance

BNL Finance is a financial news, research, opinion, and analysis site with an emphasis on thought-provoking content. BNL Finance was created by author and columnist Brian Nichols. BNL Finance covers a wide range of topics from Breaking News to individual company and sector research, politics, and also some sports.

Our membership page is finance focused, for investors. We have a large community of members from Brian Nichols’s popular Tipping the Scale service. Here, BNL members have access to a library of more than 50 covered stocks. These stocks are covered on a numeric scale that tests each company in 10 categories, from 0-10. The cumulative score between 0-100 determines the stock’s outlook.

Beyond that, BNL follows the trading tendencies of several successful investors, where members can view what is being bought & sold, when, and how much.

BNL Finance in the News

FedEx has thrived behind the growth in e-commerce, but the problem for FDX stock is that XPO Logistics is quickly becoming a big name in the e-commerce space. (October 27, 2016)

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