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Company: Bastian Solutions

Bastian’s solutions vary in complexity from simple manual to highly automated systems such as mobile robots, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS), AGV’s, RFID, sortation, carousels, and conveyor systems. Every solution Bastian proposes is considered on its own merits to provide tremendous productivity gains and a quick return on investment.

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Choosing the right technology for your fulfillment operation is priority number one in achieving your business goals and gaining competitive advantage in your marketplace.

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On Long Island, the country’s premier distributor of wine and spirits turned to shuttle and case dispensing technology to add new life to an old DC. (July 14, 2017)

Traditionally, warehouse automation has been about bringing optimal efficiency to specific processes in warehouses. Learn why new technologies like mobile robots and AR glasses promise breakthroughs in… (June 08, 2017)

Bastian Solutions (Booth S3646) has a variety order picking technologies on display, including mobile robotic order picking, and augmented reality picking with vision-and voice-enabled wearable smart glasses… (April 04, 2017)

Combining the capabilities of integrators and forklift makers will pool expertise among manufacturing, designing and servicing a variety of intralogistics systems. (February 21, 2017)

A portfolio of automation technologies allows J&J Vision Care to deliver 99.99% fill and accuracy rates while speeding orders out the door. (February 06, 2017)

Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO), announces acquisition of Bastian Solutions, and creates new North American logistics division named TALS. (February 02, 2017)

To align with market changes and customer needs, Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) has created a new business division to manage North American activities in the area of logistics solutions named “Toyota… (February 02, 2017)

Best Practices
With e-commerce order fulfillment a requirement for many warehouses, next-day delivery processes must get done one way or another, but the real question increasingly isn’t will you need to handle next-day fulfillment, but how efficiently can you do it? (November 10, 2016)

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PRECO's Worldwide Dealer Network is committed to providing customers around the world with our radar and camera based safety solutions.
Key developments related to the automation of processes and operations within a network operator environment.
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