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AXIT GmbH, A Siemens Company
Nachtweideweg 1-7
D 67227 Frankenthal,
+49 6233 / 45943-0, +49 6233 / 45943-900
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When you are looking for a new IT solution you have high requirements. Particularly in logistics, for it is the engine of economics, the pioneer of business success, the core of every company. AXIT is a specialist for cloud-based IT solutions on management of cross-company logistics processes. As the developer and operator of the logistics platform AX4 which is leading in the sector we have created the framework for what is important in the complex logistics world: Make connections, manage processes, realize market success.

Owner of AXIT is Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics GmbH (SPPAL). SPPAL is a leading provider in the field of mail and parcel, baggage and cargo sorting solutions.


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