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Company: Appcelerator

Appcelerator® offers the only platform built for a Mobile First world. The Appcelerator Platform enables enterprises to create, deliver and analyze their entire mobile application portfolio. With nearly 60,000 mobile applications deployed on over 150 million devices, the Appcelerator Platform helps enterprises accelerate their time to market and deliver exceptional mobile user experiences.  Appcelerator also provides an award-winning open source mobile development environment, Titanium®.

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Axway Appcelerator Mobile Solution delivers great native apps, rich MBaaS, and real-time mobile analytics. Start free, grow from there.
Appcelerator's mobile app development platform delivers great native apps, rich MBaaS, & real-time analytics. Learn about Titanium, Hyperloop and API Builder.
We believe relevance and measurement is everything. Our world is changing as we speak; the mobile and big data evolution has created both opportunities and challenges.
Open source development tool full featured for web development, supporting DOM, JavaScript and CSS. Based on Eclipsed can be found as standalone version or plugin.
Beta Release of Titanium SDK 7.0.0 (includes Hyperloop 3.0.0) & CLI 7.0.0. Today, we published Beta release versions of Axway Titanium SDK – now bundled with ...
titanium_mobile - 🚀 Native iOS-, Android- and Windows Apps with JavaScript
Cordova is probably best suited for building mobile apps that don't rely too heavily on native phone features. At a certain point, native app development is likely to ...
titanium_mobile - 🚀 Native iOS-, Android- and Windows Apps with JavaScript
Hi,I am new to SAPUI5 and very much interest to learn SAP Mobile technology.I am currently searching for which one is best like SUP, SAPUI5 and etc..Please let me ...
Atlanta, GA mobile application consulting, design, and development company for cross-platform smartphone; iPhone and Android apps developers.
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