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Budkova 28
811 04 Bratislava,
421 2 2092 1911
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AeroMobil. Beautiful flying car. Beautifully integrated. Transforms in seconds from an automobile to an airplane. Gives you freedom to move. AeroMobil is a flying car that perfectly makes use of existing infrastructure created for automobiles and planes, and opens doors to real door-to-door travel. As a car it fits into any standard parking space, uses regular gasoline, and can be used in road traffic just like any other car. As a plane it can use any airport in the world, but can also take off and land using any grass strip or paved surface just a few hundred meters long.

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AeroMobil Hopes to Launch its Flying Car in 2017
Following the October 2014 unveiling of the AeroMobil 3.0 prototype, the company has been flight-testing its hybrid transportation option in…

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Welcome to our landing page and get ready for take-off! Aeromobil is a unique combination of car and airplane, a truly flying car.
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