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As an industry megaphone, 3PL News is an established online business portal, enabling logistics and supply chain providers to take advantage of the newest interactive marketing opportunities. Launched in Long Beach, California, next to the largest port complex in the US, 3PL News has a global reach, including a recently expanded presence in Greater China.

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Report Shows All-Around Improvements for 3PLs
Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) 3PL Market Report is a quarterly report that gathers operating data to present a realistic view of the 3PL industry.

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United Facilities is a third party logistics companies with 3PL facilities across the United States.. Total supply chain management, either globally or nationally is one of the most burdensome issues facing business today. Many businesses continue to handle their supply chain internally, but by using a 3PL vendor every business can enjoy the benefits of outsourcing supply chain management to a ...
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Third Party Logistics Services (3PL) Logistic Edge offers a full range of services, including warehousing and distribution operations, contract warehousing, public warehousing, fulfillment, and extensive value added services.
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Learn more about Direct Mail’s third-party logistics (3PL) services by calling the friendly, professional Direct Mail team on 1300 337 100 to get more information.
2015 Top 50 Global & Domestic U.S. Third-Party Logistics ...
The merger and acquisition frenzy of 2015 may have abated a bit over the past few months, but the trend for larger third-party logistics providers (3PLs) to consolidate could be played out for some time, contend leading industry analysts.. Since early 2014, there have been 10 major acquisitions by 3PLs totaling $18 billion due to the need to expand the array of services and extend their ...
Armstrong & Associates 2017 Top 50 U.S. and Global Third ...
The trend set over the past few years for mergers and acquisitions has hardly subsided, and a fresh injection of equity investment is transforming the marketplace, at the same time, shippers may expect to see 3PLs continue to purchase high-tech “solutions” and hire young professionals for implementation.
Third Party Logistics (3PL)-Supply Chain Management
Find third party logistics (3PL) services. Indelox is the top supply chain management company. Boost your business performance by 3PL warehouse management.
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3PL, FTZ, WAREHOUSING, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT. 3rd Party Logistics, Foreign Trade Zone. Supply Chain Management For over 45 years, SEREC has been offering quality and professional 3rd party logistics solutions, such as:
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