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Voice software technology increases Horseware Ireland’s worker productivity

In response to rising demand, a fully-automated data capture solution improves warehousing operations. By MMH Staff

Since its founding in 1985, Horseware Ireland has become one of the world’s most well-known designers and manufacturers of riding and leisure wear, horse rugs and equestrian products and accessories, as its revenue has risen to nearly $45 million.

However, due to that rapid growth, Horseware was gradually unable to keep up with its ever-increasing volume of orders with its paper-based method to record the movement of goods in, around and out of the warehouse. This method led to issues with order picking, order accuracy and stock replenishment, ultimately resulting in customer service and time management issues.

Aware that a new solution needed to be implemented to better cope with new levels of demand, Horseware sought to deploy a fully automated data capture solution, which would integrate with its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, within its warehouse facility.

After completing a data capture audit of its warehouse, including a full comprehension of Horseware’s operational processes, the company decided to implement voice technology. The solution was developed with voice technology at its core, rather than as an add-on feature, allowing Horseware to use the benefits of voice solutions throughout its warehousing facility, specifically within its picking, put-away, stock replenishment, dispatch and replenishment operations.

The technology allows workers to quickly pair wireless headsets to mobile devices, thereby reducing shift start-up procedures from minutes to seconds. As of August 2015, Horseware was running 7% up on its 2015 sales target without adding any extra staff, while also recording a 23% increase in units shipped. In addition, Horseware has drastically improved its order traceability.

“The new solution now allows us to easily find out who picked and who packed an order, the date it was shipped and which courier it was sent with,” says David Minto, warehouse and retail manager, Horsewares. “We have future-proofed ourselves for the next 10 years and will be able to continue to grow and become more profitable as time goes by.”

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