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The Future of Freight: Why We Launched a Free Transportation Management System

Over the past few weeks, I’ve explained the barriers past and present to the wide-spread use of a Transportation Management System, this is the final installment in a three-part series tracking the evolution of the TMS. By Dan Clark

Earlier this week, we launched Kuebix Shipper, the first free Transportation Management System (TMS) that offers unlimited rating, booking and tracking of TL, LTL and parcel freight across all modes.

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I firmly believe this will supercharge the evolution of the TMS.

You rightly ask why?

As I’ve said before, the future of freight shipping is upon us. And it starts with an intelligent TMS.

Video: Watch the Bizerba/Business Benefits of using Kuebix TMS (above).

Over the last few weeks in this space, I’ve explained the barriers past and present to the wide-spread use of a TMS. They have been especially high for SMBs

But now there’s more than hope as businesses of all sizes and budgets can experience a TMS.

Using one is a huge departure from outsourcing to 3PLs or slogging through the daily manual, paper- and resource-devouring process for getting freight from point A to point B.

It reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day - Freight shipping need not be a Groundhog Day-like existence!

With these scenarios front of mind - ones I see too often with shippers - we knocked out the price barrier with the free Kuebix Shipper TMS.

In my eyes, having spent decades in the shipping industry, this marks a milestone in the evolution of the TMS.

No Limits

But there’s more to the story. To double the impact, we chose to allow customers to rate, book, track and manage freight without limits.

You’d have probably expected a free TMS to have low ceilings on how often logistics pros could ship. But in the interest of bringing this opportunity to the largest possible shipper base, we decided ceilings are for houses, not for TMSs.

With the 1-2 combination of free and the unlimited approach, I believe we knocked down everything standing between freight shippers and the widespread use of TMS by businesses of all sizes with supply chains large and small.

With the free, unlimited use TMS, we’re essentially freeing the shipper #freetheshipper from the Groundhog Day go-round so they can ply their crafts of optimizing supply chains for performance and cost-savings, for starters - managers can break out of their confines with a free TMS!

It’s impressive what logistics pros can do when given the tools required to take their freight shipping processes next level.

Benefits of Scale

There are also business benefits to be realized from wide acceptance of Kuebix Shipper. Think of it; with every shipper that gets up and running with their carriers, the resulting network of shippers and carriers gets bigger.

We call it the Global Logistics Community.

It’s comprised of shippers and a huge network of carriers. With that expanding at a fast clip, members have been able to optimize their freight shipping operations across supply chains.

That means shippers have more rates to choose from and more companies looking to match capacity with freight for things like backhauls, that can be revenue generators.

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The larger the community, the bigger the potential benefits through greater collaboration. And like supply chains, the community continues to grow and grow.

This is the thinking behind the decision to launch a free TMS with an unlimited rating, booking, and tracking of freight across TLs, LTLs and parcel for all size businesses.

Our community of logistics companies lets shippers explore shipping opportunities!

The Road Ahead

Here at Kuebix, we know freight shipping with so many of our management having come from inside shipping operations, including myself.

I’ve seen plenty in my years and I know for certain that logistics professionals need an intelligent TMS, not a daily replay of inefficient processes.

So, jump out of the Groundhog Day circle and onto Kuebix Shipper. Live and earn.

A sleek user interface makes Kuebix Shipper a simple way to manage freight

Thanks for staying tuned!

Check out Kuebix Shipper now.

Note: This is the final installment in a three-part blog series tracking the evolution of the TMS:

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