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Tandemloc expands manufacturing footprint


Before and after photos from November 2014 and January 2016

Company that started in a basement 32 years ago surpasses 100,000 square feet. By MMH Staff

Tandemloc has again expanded its manufacturing footprint in response to increased product demand, a continued introduction of new products, and the need for a more efficient workflow design.

The expansion pushed Tandemloc’s walls out to 103,000 square feet and includes three additional 10-ton overhead bridge cranes. When asked about Tandemloc’s continued growth over the last decade, president John DiMartino said, “Its all very humbling, considering that Tandemloc operated out of my father’s [Mike DiMartino] basement just 32 years ago. I would never have imagined we would reach this size.”

Production manager Curt Pope is particularly excited about the company’s growth.

“When Mike hired me, he mentioned that he wanted someone to help him build a shop,” Pope said. “With that in mind I set my goal to help build the best shop we could. The latest expansion represents in some ways the fruition of that goal.”

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