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Significant Driver Shortage Looms Ahead

Shippers need to take a look at some of the common sense solutions that can be relied upon to manage through this looming driver shortage crisis. By Mike Regan

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How TranzAct aided Morton Salt’s Transportation Sourcing Event, saving them money and helping win NASSTRAC’s Shipper of the Year Award.

Have you heard about the looming driver crisis? Or thought about how it could impact your transportation costs? In Mike Regan’s 2:00 Minute Warning, he explains why this is an issue and how a potential crisis can be averted.

Why did we produce this 2:00 Minute Warning?

We’re sharing this update to encourage shippers to take a look at some of the common sense solutions that can be relied upon to manage through this looming crisis.

A shortage of drivers is an issue since it causes one of two things to happen: either carriers need to pay their drivers more and have higher rates, or they need to take a look at how their equipment and drivers are utilized, potentially reducing their availability.

However, this crisis can be averted.

One recommendation is to have a genuine spirit of collaboration between you and your carrier partners. Another key recommendation is that you make a genuine commitment to being a carrier-friendly shipper.

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