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New Logistics TMS Platform Sets Sights on SAP

Haven TMS an end-to-end logistics platform is transforming supply chain management as "the Salesforce of logistics" and Haven is claiming TMS functionality that rivals that of SAP's Logistics Network and GT Nexus. By 24/7 Staff

Haven, a technology company attempting to transform the logistics industry with its global shipping platform, has announced the launch of Haven TMS, a groundbreaking end-to-end logistics management platform for managing large international supply chains.

With Haven TMS, Haven evolves from a logistics quote marketplace into a full-featured transportation management system (TMS) with collaboration, procurement, and analysis modules.

"At Haven, we optimize the entire logistics process by enabling direct contact between global producers, and logistics providers," said Matt Tillman, co-founder and CEO of Haven.

"We have essentially created the Salesforce for logistics, capturing the end-to-end workflow of shipping cargo."

Haven TMS allows users to manage the entire transportation logistics workflow on one platform and streamline critical processes.

Matt Tillman, co-founder and CEO of Haven

“Haven Transportation Management System's functionality rivals that of SAP's Logistics Network and GT Nexus”Matt Tillman, co-founder and CEO of Haven

With features such as collaborative booking, a tracking notification system, and full document management capabilities, Haven TMS allows users to pull data out of siloes and turn logistics into a competitive advantage.

And, with views into both their own rate cards and prevailing spot rates all in one place, users can connect with best-in-class providers, ultimately finding the most appropriate partner for their needs.

In a step which modernizes booking services, all communication occurs directly through the platform.

Without Haven TMS, a typical company's booking workflow requires about 67 emails per single trade.

However, using Haven's comprehensive solution, customers may fully manage their entire transportation logistics workflow, without sending files back and forth or getting lost in email.

The result: Customers save extensive time, reduce operating costs, and improve profit margins by up to 30%.

"Supply chain technology has not been overhauled in 20 years, so Haven TMS is not only timely, but also revolutionary when it comes to simplifying trade and connecting customers through one user-friendly platform," added Mr. Tillman.

"Haven TMS's functionality rivals that of SAP's Logistics Network and GT Nexus."

Haven facilitates the shipment of $3.5 billion in cargo value each year and services the majority of the world's largest commodity trading firms through Haven TMS. One firm doubled profit margins after switching from the antiquated system of email to Haven TMS.

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