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Military to Manufacturing: A Future for Veterans

The Manufacturing Institute and Arconic Foundation have released a video that highlights the value veterans bring to the manufacturing workforce, and encourages veterans to explore the career options available in manufacturing. By David Johnston

Every day thousands of veterans retire from the military, struggling to match their passion with their next career move.

Many don’t fully recognize that the skills they have honed, the experiences they’ve had and the values they’ve lived during their service are those that can translate extremely well to manufacturing careers.

Smart hiring managers are the ones that commit time and resources to hiring and advancing veterans in the workplace because they recognize the unique assets we veterans offer.

While we know firsthand what our military brothers and sisters are capable of and how valuable their insights are, helping America’s military veterans transition into the manufacturing sector is easier said than done.

By working together throughout the manufacturing supply chain to develop a strong network of veteran ambassadors who can lead the charge, we can make a compelling case that attracts the best and brightest veteran talent to a wide range of manufacturing jobs.

Military and Veterans

As veteran ambassadors, we each play a critical role that positively impacts the lives of other veterans.

The video above shows a real, tangible example of Arconic’s veterans resource group at work, helping our employees adjust to civilian life, and ultimately, finding a home at Arconic.

At Arconic, we are committed to helping veterans prepare for success in their civilian careers; we're present across the US at military recruiting fairs and transitioning summits; we direct support to military spouses; make available community volunteering opportunities that extend veterans’ service into their communities; and engage newly hired vets in special onboarding experiences.

Our aim is to make the best possible use of their skills and create an environment of inclusivity. The company supports an Employee Resource Group (ERG) for veterans - and non-veteran allies  -  at our locations around the world. In military terms, the Veterans ERG is a “force multiplier” for Arconic.

Leadership. Team deployment. Project management. Supply chain expertise. Technical and engineering skills. Loyalty. Goal orientation. These are just some of the skills that are unique to veterans, and highly valuable in today’s advanced manufacturing environment. 

With the right support and knowledge of what veterans bring to the table, American manufacturing stands to gain so much from these individuals in their post-military careers.

Author: David Johnston, Manufacturing Manager Metal Supply at Arconic

Source: The Manufacturing Institute and Arconic Foundation

Supply Chain 24/7 Honoring our Veterans

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"Lest We Forget"

Lest we forget - lest we forget!

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