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Liquor distributor pours on the ergonomics

Forklift fleet geared for operator comfort achieves 100% training compliance. By MMH Staff

The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) serves 106 retail stores and 60 agency stores across the province, generating more than one half billion dollars annually. Following its change in 2001 from a commission to a Canadian Crown corporation, the retailer standardized its warehouse’s forklift fleet. Equipped to optimize operator comfort, the forklifts have helped operators achieve 100% training compliance.

More than a decade ago, the NSLC was operating with many different brands of materials handling equipment. Having recognized the impact of proper fleet and truck options on receiving, picking and shipping, the NSLC was ready to update its fleet. According to Brad Doell, vice president of supply chain and procurement for the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp., the team prioritized taking the operators’ wants and needs into consideration.

It invited its employees to play an active role in testing new equipment and adopted a new training program through their dealer partnership. The resulting fleet uses cameras installed on all narrow aisle reach trucks to help operators identify, place and retrieve pallets at greater heights to reduce neck strain. The suspension isolates impacts, and the three operating stances support visibility. A sensor system in the operator compartment encourages proper operating procedures with two light sensors at the entry.

“They are tried and true, and our employees love them,” Doell says. Doell adds that NLSC is thriving. Employees are happier and with the implementation of online theory training, the crew was also able to reach 100% compliance.

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