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Kice Industries’ new lift truck supports intermittent paint booth application

The truck is cost-effective and backed by nationwide dealer support. By MMH Staff

The transportation of fabricated metal products, both within and outside of a paint booth, can be a messy job. From paint overspray hanging in the air, to the sticky ground, the environment is challenging for people and equipment alike.

As a leading manufacturer of skilled air products and services based in Wichita, Kan., Kice Industries operated an older model lift truck, which was tasked with supporting their paint booth application. However, the truck began to show its age, as it was no longer able to adequately meet four- to six-hour weekday operational demands. Realizing it was time for a replacement, Kice Industries’ vice president of production Tim Kice sought a recommendation from a local dealer.

The dealer recommended a lift truck designed for customers who need a forklift for intermittent use throughout the day or week. The truck is backed by nationwide dealer support and has an attractive price point, which was important for Kice.

“We needed a unit that wasn’t too expensive. Putting things in and out of our paint booth, we knew there would be paint overspray, and wear and tear on it. It wasn’t going to be kept in the best condition, like our other forklifts,” Kice explains. “But we definitely wanted something that would be reliable and wouldn’t break down.”

The transport of materials, in and out of the paint booth up to six hours a day, is a perfect application the lift truck, as it’s aimed at customers who don’t require advanced functionality or specialty attachments.

“The forklift improves our operations, and it’s reliable,” Kice adds. “When our guys go and hop on it, it’s going to run. That’s critical for us.”

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