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Jagged Peak Expands FlexNet Fulfillment Network with New Partner LEGACY Supply Chain Services

Jagged Peak, Inc., a subsidiary of Singapore Post Limited and a leading provider of enterprise software and global end-to-end ecommerce solutions, has expanded its FlexNet fulfillment network in the U.S. and Canada with LEGACY Supply Chain Services. By 24/7 Staff

LEGACY Supply Chain Solutions will expand Jagged Peak's FlexNet fulfillment network into the U.S. and Canada to businesses engaged in an ecommerce and omnichannel supply chains.

The latest expansion provides strategic ecommerce enabled fulfillment points that allow clients to cost-effectively broaden their delivery footprint and reduce client wait times for goods.

The FlexNet fulfillment network leverages EDGE®, Jagged Peak's distributed order management software to provide real-time visibility and management of inventory and orders.

The configurable network can utilize multiple fulfillment locations and source orders from FlexNet distribution centers, client distribution centers or virtually anywhere inventory exists.

Mike Glodziak, President of LEGACY Supply Chain Services

“We are always looking for innovative ways to add value to businesses engaged in an online and omnichannel supply chain” Mike Glodziak,
President, LEGACY Supply Chain Services

This flexible approach to order fulfillment provides freight savings to customers and can be rapidly deployed, with low on-boarding costs. 

"Adding new distribution partners allows Jagged Peak to get even more aggressive in delivering product to our client's customers, faster", said Mike Mercier, President and COO of Jagged Peak.

"LEGACY Supply Chain Services has a history of working in the industries we serve, so together, we are able to tailor solutions that meet the needs of consumer packaged goods, branded manufacture, and retailers who desire omnichannel fulfillment."

Jagged Peak's unique flexible distribution model has a near infinite scale and currently consists of 50+ distribution centers across 19 countries.  

"As a service and solutions provider, we are always looking for innovative ways to add value to businesses engaged in an online and omnichannel supply chain," said Mike Glodziak, President and CEO of LEGACY Supply Chain Solutions.

"I am excited about our relationship with Jagged Peak, and the long-term strategic partnership we're forging together."

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