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Did Black Friday & Cyber Monday Tax Your Logistics Transportation Management Operations?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday count among the most profitable shopping event days of the world, numerous online businesses strive to attract customers by offering special deals and incredible discounts, but once sold all those orders logistically speaking have to be delivered. By Dan Clark

This year’s Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail sales broke records.

According to Shopify, orders exceeded 10,000 a minute on Black Friday.

Shoppers purchased more than 600,000 apparel items, 360,000 accessories and 210,000 houseware products from Shopify merchants in a single day.

Over $1B US in sales was processed by Shopify e-commerce stores over the past weekend.

During the past 4-days, Shopify merchants shipped orders that traveled globally 12.6 billion miles to reach customers, “more than 10 times the distance from the Earth to Saturn.” (*Shopify)

Adobe Analytics, which tracks the 100 biggest online retail shops, says that US retailers brought in a record $7.9 billion in online sales on Black Friday and Thanksgiving and an additional $6.6 billion on Cyber Monday.

It is estimated at the peak of the shopping frenzy, shoppers were spending close to $1M per minute. That is a lot of orders!

Now that orders have been placed, they must be delivered.

  • As a shipper, can your logistics operation keep up with the velocity of orders speeding through your e-commerce engine?
  • Or will you have to pay expedited freight charges to make sure customers get their orders on-time?
  • Can you quickly find capacity with your contracted carriers to stay ahead of demand?
  • Can you easily contract with carriers for any mode to book a load?
  • Can you effortlessly compare your contracted rates to the spot market to find a better rate?
  • And once the holiday rush is all over, can you look historically at shipment data to find areas for improvement?

With a Kuebix transportation management system, shippers can do all of the above – and more.

Kuebix Shipper is a free TMS that allows shippers of any size to rate, book and track shipments via LTL, TL, and Parcel – all in about the time it takes to purchase an airline flight online. Join our online global community of shippers to help match demand with capacity during this busy holiday season.

Kuebix Business Pro is a full-service TMS for multiple users with advanced analytics and carrier scorecards, freight bill audit and pay, claims management and integrations with other solutions. Using Kuebix Business Pro during the busy holiday season allows you to uncover rate exceptions and discrepancies for added savings; integrate your order management system for streamlined transport planning, and leverage analytics to reduce freight spend.

Kuebix Enterprise is a configurable TMS that offers advanced applications to meet your logistics operations’ needs. Managed services provide shippers partnerships with Kuebix freight experts to uncover even greater efficiencies and savings, with full-tracking and visibility of your freight from the dock to the customer's door.

By choosing the right TMS, retailers can keep up with the exponential growth of their e-commerce operations during this holiday season and beyond.

*Black Friday Cyber Monday 2017: An Analysis of Over $1 Billion in Sales

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