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Brewery uses 30-second, curtain-side vehicle system

With the new system, the brewery can access cargo 50% faster than before, while its payload capacity has increased by 15%. By MMH Staff

Aluminum roll-up doors have a number of inherent disadvantages. Not only do the doors require significant maintenance, but their tracks (along with the area needed to accommodate the doors when they’re retracted) comprise valuable cargo space. And, roll-up doors are also time consuming to close, lock, open and unlock—and, if they are damaged, it is nearly impossible to match a new door’s graphics with existing vehicle brand graphics, unless the entire side of the truck is re-skinned.

While using its roll-up doors, a multi-national brewery thought it was using best practices. Although the losses weren’t obvious, the brewery was wasting productivity and money, due to inefficiencies associated with delivery times, excess weight, fuel costs, reduced payload capacity and frequent asset downtime—primarily caused by roll-up door damage, maintenance and repairs.

A 30-second, curtain-side vehicle system provided the brewery with a technological advantage. The system has increased the speed and efficiency of fleets with chassis-mounted truck bodies (using roll-up doors or traditional curtain-walled vehicles).

Added to virtually any truck body when ordering from an OEM, the system opens and closes at both ends of a truck or trailer. It also has a unique full-length, vertical, multi-latch closure system with an adjacent, all-in-one, latch-release mechanism located both forward and rear—thereby reducing the number of locks from 14 to four.

As a result of the system, the brewery can access cargo 50% faster than before, as drivers no longer have to strain and reach to open and close multiple roll-up doors. In addition, since the system weighs up to 1,000 pounds less than a roll-up door system and requires much less space (upwards of 111 cubic feet), it has also increased the brewery’s payload capacity by 15%.

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