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Automatic Identification of Pallets

Scan one or multiple codes on any pallet indoor or outdoor, even if the codes are damaged, scratched, folded or covered with a film, and achieve the highest read rates on the market. By Cognex

A world leader in vision systems and image-based barcode reading, Cognex has developed an application dedicated to the automatic reading of barcodes on pallets. The advantages of imaging technology combined with the capabilities of the DataMan® range of barcode readers offer a high-performance and competitive solution for this application.

The Cognex DataMan fixed mount readers are suitable for the two most common types of application:

Fixed mount barcode readers for pallet inventory
Cognex image-based barcode readers identify all items contained on the pallet, even if there are several codes, spanning the entire width and height of the pallets. The DataMan range is suitable for all situations, guaranteeing very rapid reading of all codes regardless of speed.

Readers installed on the forklift
Cognex readers can be placed on the forklift and automatically read both the pallet barcodes and the barcodes of the individual products. The DataMan 300 is ideal: small size with high resolution; powerful lighting coping with external brightness; omnidirectional 360° reading of all types of code; proven robustness.

Responding to market demands
Cognex DataMan image-based barcode readers solutions overcome market or industry challenges in the sector:

  • Read all codes at first attempt, including those that are folded, damaged or obscured by the film on the pallets

  • Identify all the codes on the pallet, whatever their number and orientation

  • Offer greater resolution and field of view to cover both the width and the height of the pallet

  • Guarantee robustness for forklift installation with indoor and outdoor functionality

  • Rapid reading on all surfaces (labels, cardboard, plastic, glass, etc.)

  • Optimize investment through a competitive purchase price and solid state design (no moving parts, low cost of ownership)

Imaging Technology: identification based on the image
Because of the technological advantages implemented in the microprocessors, the image sensors and the decoding algorithm, Cognex image-based barcode readers have not only become more competitive, but also more powerful than traditional laser scanners.

Using vision principles, the DataMan image-based readers view the barcode in its entirety, not only a line, thus overcoming numerous problems experienced by laser scanners. This technology makes it possible to read the barcodes in any direction and decode all the symbols, whether they are 1-D or 2-D, such as DataMatrix or QR codes.

IDMaxTM, a powerful decoding algorithm
The powerful decoding algorithms developed by Cognex, 1DMax+TM for 1-D linear codes and 2DMax+TM for 2-D matrix codes, constitute the intelligence of the reader. Associated with the benefits of High Performance HotBars™ technology, these technologies ensure:

  • An extremely high read rate, around 99.9%

  • Very high acquisition and decoding speed

  • The ability to decode any type of code, especially those that are spoiled, damaged scratched, folded and covered with plastic.

  • Adaptation to the reading environment, including the marking surface (label, metal, glass, plastic or direct marking) and marking technology 1DMax+TM is the best tool for reading 1-D codes, omnidirectional codes, and managing extreme situations in real environments.

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Posted by John Adams  on  11/04  at  09:58 AM

Will this also communicate with the office so they can invoice off the receiving for proper invoicing?

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