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A3 fall conferences to offer insight into latest automation, strategies and networking

Conferences will provide in-depth training in robot safety, motion control, vision systems and collaborative robots to spur manufacturing growth and the creation of entirely new categories of jobs. By MMH Staff

The Association for Advancing Automation (A3) has announced a series of fall conferences that align with some of the jobs of the future while providing insight into the latest automation innovations, in-depth technical training, practical strategies, and networking opportunities.

Together, the three events address disciplines central to automation—robot safety, motion control, motor technologies, vision systems, and collaborative robots.

“Automation technologies are fueling entirely new categories of jobs—really creating the jobs of the future—in addition to enabling companies to become more productive and create higher-quality products in safer environments,” said Jeff Burnstein, A3 president. “From instruction on implementing robot safety measures to helping attendees understand the latest collaborative robot, vision and motion control technologies, these conferences will present valuable training and networking opportunities while also, assisting companies in moving forward with automation advances. This enables them to grow their businesses, be more competitive in the global marketplace, and enrich the economic ecosystems of their communities.”

National Robot Safety Conference: Oct 10–12, Pittsburgh, Pa.
The 29th annual National Robot Safety Conference will help businesses reduce risk by ensuring personnel are familiar with robot and machine safety as well as current robot safety standards. Industry leaders will provide real-world examples and identify best practices on how to incorporate safety into existing and new projects. In-depth sessions will cover:

● The ANSI/RIA R15.06 Industrial Robot Safety Standard and related technical reports;
● The new RIA TR R15.306-2016; and,
● Task-based risk assessment.

MCMA TechCon: Oct 16-18, Minneapolis, Minn.
This conference will include educational sessions and strategies for motion control, motor, and automation technologies and provide practical how-to information for everyone from machine builders and integrators to engineers designing systems. Sessions are taught by industry experts, and attendees have a chance to meet one-on-one with expert advisors, engineers, and technical staff as well as to network with other technology users.

Collaborative Robots & Advanced Vision Conference: Nov 15–16, San Jose, Calif.
Bringing together collaborative robots and vision, two disruptive technologies that are extending automation capabilities, this conference will provide educational seminars and strategy sessions for collaborative robot users, suppliers, and integrators as well as an opportunity to showcase the latest technologies. In addition to receiving a detailed overview of ISO/TS 15066 Safety for collaborative applications, attendees will learn how machine vision and sensing is used in collaborative robot technologies.

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